The Potty Chronicles Continue

Since I have written about my goals of potty training ‘J’ over the summer and how those plans were unsuccessful, I thought I would provide an update. To some, it may seem weird to be writing about this. But for me, this is a major milestone in this house!

Many attempts were made over the summer, as well as on and off for the last two years. Over the summer we’d take a couple of days where ‘J’ would hold it, and go while he was sleeping since I still had a pull-up on him. Other times he would feel like he had to go and become so overwhelmed and hysterical it was hard to continue because I didn’t want it to be a bad experience. You definitely don’t want your kid traumatized when it comes to bathroom habits. You also don’t want them going to High School in a diaper.

We went through lots of ups and downs and then two days before his first day of school, a Tuesday, he finally did it! It was so exciting and I think he got to see that it wasn’t so bad. Granted, the whole next day he refused. Thursday was his first day of school. Considering he had only gone once, I definitely wasn’t sending him in underwear. I didn’t need him freaking out about that on top of first day of school jitters. Once I picked him up and as we were driving home, I told him that after his nap we were going to try the potty again. That was 5 days ago. He’s now gone 4 nights and 4 full days without wearing a diaper.

It definitely helps that we had no weekend plans and no services or school today and tomorrow in observance of holidays.

It’s hard not to be too excited so I’m trying to stay cautiously optimistic. We’ve put a sticker chart into play which he’s excited about, he hasn’t asked for a diaper and he’s… um…done #1 annnnnnd #2. I’m still in disbelief.

Over the last two years I’ve tried everything. No pants, just underwear, standing, sitting, sticker charts, rewards, no rewards, peer pressure, trying to talk out his fears, reading books, watching potty episodes of his favorite shows, the list goes on.

What we’re experiencing now has never happened. Even over the years when he would go, it would be random, one and done and not again for months.

I’m not sure what clicked for him even thought I always knew it would just click at some point. But when you’ve been changing diapers for 4 years and 3 months for 1 child, you start to doubt it. I think the combination of him realizing it wasn’t so bad once he did it, then going to school two days later and seeing that all the kids were using the potty may have pushed him into gear. Whatever it is, I’m happy and so proud of him. Seeing the fear, the hysterics and knowing how overwhelmed he would get, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s hopefully behind us.


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