1st Day of School Blues

Today is ‘J’s’ first day of Pre-K. The big question is: Who is handling it better, me or him?

For nursery school last year, he went two days a week for 2.5 hours each day. This year he’s still going 2 days a week but this time for 5 hours. So much time (for me)!

Of course I have the normal mommy fears and I want him to be happy and have a good day. Selfishly, I hate leaving him and I want to keep my baby with me. I know that although the transition time may be rocky, he’ll be into the routine in no time and hopefully loving it as much as he did last year.

I left the classroom with him playing with a new friend. Last year, I left him as he was crying so we’re already a step up! I just hope it continues throughout the day. On the drive, he was saying he wanted the “same school” with his teachers from last year. Luckily one of his teachers is the same from last year, which I think will help.

Stay tuned to hear how his day went!

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