Mets Overload

This past weekend, we went to a Mets game. ‘J’ has been quite a few times in his 4 years and ‘Baby J’ went once last year. However, this was our first game of the season. We went with my family which meant three kids 4 and under (my niece is right in between the … More Mets Overload

Letter Sounds

As you know from a previous post, “Mom…Mom….Mama….Mommy,” we waited a long time for ‘J’ to say Mommy and Daddy. From the time he was 1.5, he was obsessed with letters. Before he was 2, he could match puzzle letters to his name spelled out on paper. We had an app on our phones that … More Letter Sounds

Armchair Expert

The Armchair Expert Podcast premiered in February of this year.  I have been a fan of Dax Shepard (and of course his lovely wife Kristen Bell) for a long time. If I were to have a celebrity dinner party, they would be on the invite list. And I’ll totally get around to that celebrity dinner … More Armchair Expert