Armchair Expert

The Armchair Expert Podcast premiered in February of this year.  I have been a fan of Dax Shepard (and of course his lovely wife Kristen Bell) for a long time. If I were to have a celebrity dinner party, they would be on the invite list. And I’ll totally get around to that celebrity dinner … More Armchair Expert

Thank You Regal!

The following blog is not an advertisement, just an honest review of our experience. Back in October, my husband took ‘J’ to a Disney Jr event at the movie theater. We thought it would be a great way to test out the movie going experience with our then 3.5 year old. The event was showing … More Thank You Regal!

A Summer Potty Party

Two weeks ago was the end of school. Last week was the end of Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. And now it’s summer. My biggest goal? Potty training! A Summer Potty Party. ‘J’ is 4 and we have attempted potty training since he turned 2. It’s never gone well. He’s gone on the potty here … More A Summer Potty Party


First off, I promised a blog everyday this week and I failed yesterday. But it was for a good reason! ‘J’ turned 4 on June 5th. 4! How did that happen? Remember when High School felt like forever? And college?! And yet you start on an awesome adventure of being a parent and 4 years … More Milestones

Summer Schedule

Tomorrow is ‘J’s’ closing ceremony for school. Next week is his last week of speech and OT. And then a summer break. I’ve started coming up with a general schedule for the summer. Planning is great as long as you remain open to changes along the way. You cannot expect things to go perfectly every … More Summer Schedule

Doing Disney with Sensory Processing Difficulties

If you are someone with Sensory Processing Difficulties, the idea of Disney World can seem very overwhelming. I mean, it’s overwhelming for people that don’t have these difficulties. ‘J’ was born with Disney DNA. I worked there for two years and prior to that had already visited Disney World about 50 times. In my final … More Doing Disney with Sensory Processing Difficulties