World OT Day

I couldn’t let today go by without acknowledging World Occupational Therapy (OT) Day. I’m so thankful for J’s Occupational Therapist. She has taught us so much, made J feel comfortable during his sessions and is always available to answer our questions. Although a complex profession and not centered around one specific niche, Occupational Therapists work … More World OT Day

A Summer Potty Party

Two weeks ago was the end of school. Last week was the end of Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. And now it’s summer. My biggest goal? Potty training! A Summer Potty Party. ‘J’ is 4 and we have attempted potty training since he turned 2. It’s never gone well. He’s gone on the potty here … More A Summer Potty Party


First off, I promised a blog everyday this week and I failed yesterday. But it was for a good reason! ‘J’ turned 4 on June 5th. 4! How did that happen? Remember when High School felt like forever? And college?! And yet you start on an awesome adventure of being a parent and 4 years … More Milestones