JetBlue Junior Play Area at JFK

JetBlue is an airline close to my heart. It has been since it began operatingIMG_0487 18 years ago. That’s a story for another time. For now, let me tell you about my recent trip to JFK.

Traveling with kids can be stressful. Each of ours flew for the first time within the first 6 months of their lives. We try to fly with them more than once a year. One of the most important factors of air travel is ensuring they get some energy out before being forced to sit in a seat for hours at a time.

Last week we went to Disney (yes again, because it’s in our DNA). We flew on JetBlue out of JFK’s Terminal 5. Our timing was a little tight since we went straight from picking ‘J’ up from school. Luckily the lines at security were short and we were able to get to our gate with plenty of time to spare. In order to get some of that energy out, we decided to keep walking and stumbled upon the JetBlue Junior Play Area.

Here, kids get an interactive experience of what it’s like to work for an airline. They can take a plane into the air, help it land on the runway or go behind the scenes of air travel. How cool is that?

If you’re flying in or out of T5 at JFK, be sure to check it out! Here are a few shots with our JetBlue Juniors!


Co-Pilots ready for takeoff! Next stop: House of the Mouse!


Ensuring a safe take-off!


Sometimes you need to delegate.


Or try your hand at Operations.


Soar With Reading corner!

Have you heard about Soar With Reading? The following excerpt was taken from

“Launched in 2011, JetBlue’s Soar With Reading program was designed to inspire and encourage kids’ imaginations to take flight through reading. The most recent campaign included partners – Random House Children’s Books, Magic Tree House author, Mary Pope Osborne and celebrity ambassador, Victoria Justice – to inspire a love of reading and help the mission.”

Click here to learn more about JetBlue’s Youth and Education Programs. 

Our pre-flight experience just got better and I can’t wait to visit again!


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