A Summer Potty Party

Two weeks ago was the end of school. Last week was the end of Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. And now it’s summer.

My biggest goal? Potty training! A Summer Potty Party.

‘J’ is 4 and we have attempted potty training since he turned 2. It’s never gone well. He’s gone on the potty here and there and we’ve celebrated! We’ve tried the three day rule. We’ve tried no pants. We’ve tried underwear. We’ve tried a Paw Patrol Potty Seat, an Elmo Potty and a Mickey’s Roadster Racer Potty. Bribes big and small. Aiming for Cheerios. You get the idea. We’ve been through it!

Understanding more of his Sensory Processing difficulties also helps us understand why this whole potty thing might not be so easy for him. Things have never progressed past a few hours because he is so overwhelmed, upset and affected by the process. Hesitation and some resistance is one thing. I definitely expect that. I expect accidents and I don’t expect things to go smoothly. But I also don’t want him to feel scared and that’s what I’ve seen in the past. Overwhelming fear.

I haven’t given pushed potty training in awhile, just mention it here and there, letting him know that it’s available. Now that we don’t have a set weekly schedule, which allows for more flexibility, I’m hoping we can come up with a plan he feels comfortable with and we can move on from the diaper days.

And hey, maybe ‘Baby J’ will show interest and I’ll have two potty trained by the end of the summer!

I kid…I don’t actually think that will happen.

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