First off, I promised a blog everyday this week and I failed yesterday. But it was for a good reason!

‘J’ turned 4 on June 5th. 4! How did that happen? Remember when High School felt like forever? And college?! And yet you start on an awesome adventure of being a parent and 4 years go by in a blink.

In 4 years he has grown and changed so much. I’ve been lucky enough to witness every milestone: rolling, first steps, the long awaited first words and so much more! Toddler days are over and the personality he’s always had continues to flourish. He’s loving, sweet and funny, strong and smart, cute and full of energy. I see him interact with his friends and have flash forwards to years from now catching a glimpse of who he might be. I want the best for him and hope that when life lets him down, he can use his new strength to navigate out of it and turn it into something positive. His smile and laugh are contagious and I never want to see that fade.

Yesterday, ‘J’ had his closing ceremonies for his first year of school. Much like the first day of school can be more emotional for the parents, I think the same can be said for the last day. After talking with some of the other moms, I’m thankful to know I wasn’t the only one not accepting this change. This has been our routine for the past 9 months. We hit the jackpot with his teachers and the kids in his class. We’re going back to the same school in September but with different teachers and kids. I know it won’t always be as good as it was this year which only adds to not wanting to let go. I’m so thankful he found a safe and happy place in his classroom. He knew if he felt overwhelmed, he could go to his teachers for comfort. I heard about a day he was randomly crying and saying he missed me. His teachers said his friends gathered around him to make him feel better. Hearing that makes my heart explode. Of course I want to be there to scoop him up and make the tears stop. But I love that if I can’t be there, he found comfort in his friends.

I’m so proud of how he did in school this year. We continue to navigate through his speech and sensory difficulties. He works so hard everyday between school and his therapies. He’s insanely smart and blows us away daily. At the same time, he’s only 4 and sees everything as a way to play. And isn’t that the best way to learn?

It’s hard to see time go by so fast. I want my babies to stay babies forever, but I also want them to grow to be healthy, strong, independent adults. This is nothing compared to what I’ll be up against in the coming years. I look forward to all of it!

In the meantime, I’ll try to hide my lack of enjoyment when it comes to change so he’s just as excited for school in September as he was this year (hopefully).

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