Back Into the Writing Groove

After being way behind on blogging I’m back and getting in the writing groove.

We had a rough June with a crazy virus. That virus turned into blood work and some other tests for ‘J’ and we’re still waiting to hear about one. In the meantime, we have an appointment with a GI next week to make sure there’s nothing else going on with ‘J’s’ stomach. I’m personally wondering if we’re on the brink of another food allergy (he already has a dairy intolerance). But more on all of this over the next couple of weeks!

June was the end of school, speech and OT for the summer. With ‘J’ being sick on top of it, any kind of new schedule goal has gone out the window. Luckily July seems to be getting better so hopefully we can enjoy the rest of the summer!

I also have a part time virtual job teaching English to children in China. More hours are available over the summer which is great money wise, but also an adjustment for me to get back to working nights. I love talking to the kids and in terms of flexibility, this job is perfect.

All this to say, thanks for bearing with me and for following this blog! More posts coming soon (maybe as early as tomorrow 😉 ).

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