Transitioning Back to a Routine

Last week was spring break here in NY which meant no school, no speech therapy and no occupational therapy. The week started pretty gloomy weather wise and we had 3 indoor days. On Thursday we decided to take a trip to Pittsburgh to check out the Mr. Rogers exhibit. If you haven’t been, I definitely recommend it! The Heinz History Center, where the exhibit is located, is great for kids in addition to seeing all the cool Mr. Rogers memorabilia.  More on the trip in another blog.

When I was working and would take time off for a trip, I would always make sure there was a buffer day when I returned. A day to come home, chill out, do some laundry, etc. before jumping back into work. Probably seems silly considering I was just on a vacation, but I never wanted to go right back into the normal daily routine.

‘J’ loves routine. If he doesn’t know the agenda for the day or if curveballs are thrown in, he’s not a happy camper. Of course after a week away from school and services, while doing a small trip away, there would be a readjustment period. It’s Wednesday and I think we’re still in it.

He’s had periods of acting out, two meltdowns during school yesterday and hesitation with OT and Speech today. I’m pretty sure he’s had a small cold the last few days as well, which I’m sure isn’t helping. But it all makes sense and coming from someone who needed a buffer day after a cruise, how could I not understand?

I’m hoping over the next few days the ups and downs return to more ups and less downs. I hate seeing him upset and affected by his surroundings. I know he does too.


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