A Hairy Situation

‘J’ had his first haircut on the day he turned 1. We were in Disney World and went to the Barber Shop on Main Street. It was so much fun and he did great! He may have been ok with a haircut or two after that one but since that timeframe, it has been a struggle.

As time has gone on, it’s not just a struggle to cut his hair. Washing his hair is usually being done as he is screaming or crying. Brushing his hair is a big battle in the morning. Sometimes I try wetting the brush a bit since he definitely has a big case of bed head every morning. I’m trying to give up wetting the brush since he hates feeling the water and only makes him hate the experience more.

It’s tough when we’re getting ready for school and he’s running away screaming not wanting his hair brushed. Or if I was able to brush it, he then has to rub his head in the couch, bed or on his hand while screaming which puts us back to square one.

This is an ongoing process to see what may help him get through these activities. It’s another example of something most people take for granted, but for him, it’s an extra sensitive situation. Like most things in parenthood, it’s trial and error until we find the key to what works.

Below are two videos from Sensory Spectacle. The first talks about why someone with SPD may not like brushing their hair, the second discusses why they may not like washing their hair and the last is all about haircuts.


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