Wiggling Our Way Through Meals

For the last few weeks, ‘J’ has been getting up mid-meal to jump, spin or run. He’s not upset when he’s doing it, not having a tantrum, it’s almost as if he just needs to do it.

‘J’ loves jumping on the floor, trampoline or his bed. He loves climbing anywhere he can. The fact that he’s a fan of this in general, it’s not surprising that once he’s sitting and eating for awhile, he needs to change things up.

He’s always been good about sitting at the table to eat. I’m torn in the sense that if he feels like that’s what he needs at that time because of how he’s feeling, I don’t want to stop him. At the same time, it’s not the best habit to teach, especially if he carries it over to a restaurant (knock on wood-that hasn’t happened yet).

I mentioned it to our OT and she suggested a wiggle seat. When I was talking with our speech therapist about it, she mentioned she had one we could try out. The last few days have gone well and he seems to like it. I don’t see him jumping or spinning as much. Who knew that a tiny little seat can do so much?


But what is it actually doing? The following was taken from sensorysolutions.co

The inflated chair has a slight texture on the surface, which already works to provide a certain amount of sensory stimulation. The angle and shape of the chair causes the child to engage their core section and balance themselves on top while sitting.

This stimulation actually sends signals to the brain to allow their minds to focus easier. What this means is that your child’s subconscious focusing on their posture and balance while sitting on the wiggle chair directly influences how their mind focuses. This makes the chair perfect for classroom settings.

The seat can help calm and organize the body. Since it’s working so far, I’ll keep it going. Stay tuned for updates!

Listen to Becky, from Sensory Spectacle talk about why someone with Sensory Processing difficulties may bounce on their bed:

3 thoughts on “Wiggling Our Way Through Meals

  1. So glad u found something that works! That’s a good feeling! I also found deep pressure around the shoulders and head can help organize too in the moment. But not as well as the wiggle seat! Good luck! I like that it’s portable too!


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