Indoor Activities

As a kid, I was not a fan of arts and crafts! Becoming a stay at home mom, I’ve definitely gone outside my comfort zone and tried new crafts and activities here and there. I’m thankful for Instagram and Pinterest! If I’m not doing exactly what I see in posts, then it will get me to think of a similar idea tailored to both ‘J’s.’

Last week was our Spring break and we kicked it off with six inches of snow on the first day and a rainy day the next! To say I’m over winter and ready to be outside with some nice weather would be an understatement. The kids love going for walks, playing at the playground or just hanging in the backyard. I’m itching to do more of that! Needless to say I’ve been trying out new activities with help from social media.

LEGO Matching30180423_10101810813372645_1473891118_n

Like most kids (and adults), ‘J’ loves LEGOs! When I saw this all over Pinterest, I knew we had to try! I printed up some LEGO tower patterns and got out the Duplos.

*Side note: one day I gave ‘J’ an online IQ test just for fun and he had to match patterns. He was so into it, he asked to “play” it again the next day, so I knew he would be into this version with LEGOs!

This activity is great for gross motor skills, learning patterns, practicing colors and following direction.


Moon Sand


An indoor sandbox? What kid would say no to that?!

I was a little hesitant to try this one since I wasn’t sure if the ‘Js’ could keep it contained. But I got out a big sheet and took a chance. I’m so happy I did!

There are different recipes out there for making moon sand. Due to the supplies I had around my house, I went with 5 cups of flour and 1 cup of vegetable oil. Once I started mixing, I probably added a little bit more of both. I would definitely recommend the 5:1 ratio as a good starting point. The sand shouldn’t be too powdery but not too thick either.

I mixed it in a disposable cooking pan, threw in some toys and sent them on their way! The pictures are from the beginning with only a few items. By the end there were plenty of figures, cars, cups, spoons, etc. all enjoying the indoor beach day. This activity kept my 3 year old occupied for about an hour straight. Less for my 1 year old, but that’s to be expected.

Cheerio Tower

This was something I saw and threw together based on the few materials I had.

Even though I’ve seen it bigger while using raw spaghetti, why not try smaller play-doh shapes and some toothpicks? It’s all about improvising! Another great activity for gross motor skills, as well as counting (and of course a built in snack).



Not a DIY activity, but a gift from the Easter Bunny instead. Great timing for a snowy/rainy spring break!

I’ve mentioned before that ‘J’ is obsessed with letters, but play-doh is high on his list of favorite things to do. When I saw…um I mean the Easter Bunny couldn’t resist leaving it for him!

An all in one box where you can practice letters, make faces while discussing emotions, match up letters to the right animal or write with a special play-doh pen. A bonus: this activity is great for practicing speech too!


The bottom line is, if I can board the DIY activity train, so can you!



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