Auditory Sensitivities

Imagine sitting in your living room, watching TV and your 4 year old pops up and says “hey, what’s that?” But you don’t hear anything. He knows there is something and starts looking around until he gets to the window, lifts up the blinds and reveals a fly.

‘J’ has always been able to hear sounds from far away. As a baby playing on the floor, far in the distance there would be a horn honking and he would lift his head up. When we realized he had a speech delay, I was asked if I had concerns about his hearing. I said no.44034957_172598086940946_1868850213062443008_n.jpg

Fast forward to a few months after his sister is born, the three of us driving in a car and she is hysterical in the back. ‘J’ loses it and I think he’s being empathetic for his sister. He was and still is, but he’s also negatively affected by her crying. It’s a trigger for him. As you know from a previous post, “When is it Empathy and When is it Sensory,” this was one of my first red flags and what lead me to learning more about Sensory Processing Disorder.

Another great book I came across, since I follow them on Twitter (@sensorysmarts) is “Raising a Sensory Smart Child.” In the book, authors Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske takes the reader through the various reactions to sound, how it connects to learning and the vestibular connection. I would definitely add this book to your library for anyone navigating through sensory difficulties.

I notice a change in ‘J’ when sounds are affecting him. They’re not always loud, they’re not always sudden but it can affect the way he feels or acts in a snap. Sensory Processing Difficulties are different for everyone. This is just one of the ways it affects ‘J.’

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