Not Understanding Doesn’t Equal Not Existing

Sometimes when people don’t understand things, their automatic go-to is that it doesn’t exist. When a person breaks their arm, you can see it. You know how it gets fixed and before long, the arm is back to new. With other conditions such as anxiety, depression or in my world, sensory processing difficulties, you can’t … More Not Understanding Doesn’t Equal Not Existing

Change of Weather

I have horrible allergies and sinus issues. These get worse when the seasons are changing or if there’s rain. I’m also not myself if it’s a rainy day. I think many others are like that too, right? How many times do you hear ‘it’s a perfect day to stay in and watch movies.’ Knowing all … More Change of Weather

October is Sensory Processing Awareness Month

1 year ago, I didn’t know that October was Sensory Processing Awareness Month. We were just starting the process of researching which eventually lead to approval for Occupational Therapy. This blog was inspired by the fact that ‘J’ has sensory processing difficulties. I will be working hard this month to help spread awareness by sharing … More October is Sensory Processing Awareness Month

Breathe, Think, Do

We often hear that screen time is bad. It’s detrimental to a child and their learning process. I’m of the belief that there’s a great balance between personal interaction, reading, playing and screen time. For me screen time includes TV, movies and apps. One of my favorite apps I have come across is: ‘Sesame Street … More Breathe, Think, Do

Mets Overload

This past weekend, we went to a Mets game. ‘J’ has been quite a few times in his 4 years and ‘Baby J’ went once last year. However, this was our first game of the season. We went with my family which meant three kids 4 and under (my niece is right in between the … More Mets Overload