Sorting Fun

Impromptu sorting game for a lil TGIF fun!

My kiddos are 4 and 21 months, so we worked on a variety learning objectives with this one. Each plate had the name of the color written uppercase in that color. I also wrote it out in lowercase on the bottom. I grabbed random toys from around the house and threw them in a big pile in the middle.


This ended up being a great success!

  • I had them sit on the couch to listen to the instructions. #listeningcomprehension
  • They worked together to sort random toys on the correct plate. #teamwork
  • ‘J’ was able to read the words on the plate. #reading
  • When there was more than one of any item, we worked on counting. #math
  • Speaking candidly, ‘Baby J’ was over the sorting portion a lot sooner than ‘J,’ so she started putting the mega blocks together. Working on those gross motor skill, right?

Sometimes I forget how easy it is to create games with things you already have in the house. They both had fun and we’ll definitely do it again soon!


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