Breathe, Think, Do

We often hear that screen time is bad. It’s detrimental to a child and their learning process. I’m of the belief that there’s a great balance between personal interaction, reading, playing and screen time. For me screen time includes TV, movies and apps.

One of my favorite apps I have come across is: ‘Sesame Street Breathe, Think, Do.’ This app has children help a Blue Monster through challenges. For example, the Blue Monster has trouble tying his shoes and becomes frustrated. First, the child helps the monster take three deep breaths. Then, the child can pop bubbles which helps the monster think of three possible solutions. Finally, the child gets to choose which of the three options may best help the monster.

‘J’ really enjoys this app and it’s great at teaching him to stop and think through his challenges or frustrations. He breathes along with the monster. He has fun popping the bubbles and learns how different choices can be made when approaching a challenge.

There are so many great learning apps out there. You can learn letters, numbers, shapes, spelling, the list goes on. ‘J’ has loves playing these “games” and doesn’t even realize how much he learns from them.

What I love about Breathe, Think, Do is that it addresses daily challenges and feelings, which is a lot harder to teach. Especially for someone who has sensory difficulties.

Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Sesame Street.


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