Letter Sounds

As you know from a previous post, “Mom…Mom….Mama….Mommy,” we waited a long time for ‘J’ to say Mommy and Daddy.

From the time he was 1.5, he was obsessed with letters. Before he was 2, he could match puzzle letters to his name spelled out on paper. We had an app on our phones that was easy for him to tap to go from letter to letter and his favorite show (once he graduated from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) was Super Why. It’s still one of his favorite shows. He always understood everything we were saying, just needed some work on expressing himself.

After I made an appointment for a speech evaluation two years ago, I did what any mom does. I went straight to Google and YouTube so I would know what to expect.

A song we had been familiar with was “Letter Sounds” by Barbara Milne. As I was searching through YouTube I came across a Speech Therapist, Alina Mihai. She had recorded a session with a child where she went through this same song while showing pictures for each letter. ‘J’ was instantly hooked. He knew the song and would slowly start to react to the video. I thought that maybe it would lead to some words, but we had to wait a little longer for that. She also had another video posted “Two Word Phrases: Lego Play.” The title explains it all and ‘J’ loved watching this one. Over time and being involved in our own speech therapy, we didn’t watch the videos as much but would still sing the song often.

‘Baby J’ is 1.5 now and has a good vocabulary forming. One day I put the video on again for them both to watch. ‘Baby J’ was hooked and would repeat what she could. ‘J’ has now memorized the video and can repeat it word for word without even watching it.

It’s times like these when it’s amazing to see how far he’s come. In the Fall it will be two years since we started Speech Therapy. Although it seems like yesterday, it’s amazing that we went two and a half years without hearing any words from Mr. Chatterbox.

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