I’ve Been There, Buddy

I was so excited to hear that Muppet Babies was getting a revival. It was one of my favorites when I was young and I was happy that my kids would get to experience an up to date version.

From episode 1, ‘J’ was all in. Most new episodes have come out on Fridays and if you have the Disney Now App, it is waiting for you when you wake up. Not that we ever wake up and immediately put the TV on in order to help mommy and daddy come out of zombie mode from their 6AM wake up call….

Each episode is a half hour, but broken into two different segments. This past week, the second story was titled “Animal Kong.” Animal was upset because Miss Nanny took away his drum sticks during quiet time. If you’re a parent of young ones, you know the tantrum that can erupt when they can’t do what they want to do. This was the same for Animal and because of those feelings, he turned into his larger self, Animal Kong.

This story is an excellent lesson in feelings. Much like Daniel Tiger teaches that it’s ok to be mad and how to turn it around, Animal’s friends talk through different ways to calm down when you’re feeling angry.

Summer sings a song to Animal to let him know it’s ok to feel angry and the feelings won’t last long. The song is called “I’ve Been There, Buddy.” A bonus to this episode and song is that ‘Buddy’ is one of ‘J’s’ nicknames.

I think it’s great that so many shows now not only teach ABCs and 123s, but also feelings and how to handle real life situations.

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