Armchair Expert

The Armchair Expert Podcast premiered in February of this year. download

I have been a fan of Dax Shepard (and of course his lovely wife Kristen Bell) for a long time. If I were to have a celebrity dinner party, they would be on the invite list. And I’ll totally get around to that celebrity dinner party, I know so many are waiting on their invite…

In late February, my dad went into the hospital and ended up staying for two weeks. Prior to this, I had only listened to the first episode of the podcast. For two weeks, I was back and forth to the hospital everyday, which was about a half hour commute. Considering I live on Long Island, most of the time it was longer. During my drive, Dax, and his guests on those early episodes, kept me company. Some of those drives felt more nerve racking, and overall no one wants to see their dad in the CCU. Being able to zone into the podcast helped. Luckily my dad went home after two weeks and knock on wood, is healthy! Today is his 66th birthday.

I love watching documentaries, learning about people and listening to people talk. I’m also a big fan of pop culture so when those talks happen between celebrities, especially in an atypical setting, it’s even more appealing. Hearing Dax and his guests talk is interesting, entertaining and informative. I’m left wanting more at the end each episode.

This is a parenting blog and I swear there is a tie in here! Dax recently started incorporating “Experts on Expert.” The first of these episodes was with an author and child psychologist, Dr. Wendy Mogel.

As a parent, you receive advice from everyone you meet. They could be a parent of 4, a parent to a parrot or not a parent at all. You will receive advice constantly and mostly when you haven’t asked for it. I tend to take it all with a grain of salt while also appreciating the knowledge being shared.

I loved listening to Dr. Mogel speak about parenthood, marriage and human nature. I always knew I wanted to raise my kids to be good, strong human beings. But there is also a want to keep them in a bubble. Not actually. Well maybe…

I digress.

Dr. Mogel speaks on the importance of making your children independent self thinkers. Teaching your children to learn as much as they can, do as much as they can while being there to support and guide along the way is a balancing act, but one I’d love to master. Dr. Mogel’s take on human nature is incredibly interesting.

I would say so much more about her episode, but it’s better if you listen to the interview.

Thank You Dax Shepard for creating Armchair Episode. I was hooked from the first listen and I’m excited to see where it continues to go!

Click here to listen to Experts on Expert: Dr. Wendy Mogel on Armchair Expert

Click here to get “The Blessing of a Skinned Knee: Using Timeless Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children” by Dr. Wendy Mogel

Click here to to get “Voice Lessons for Parents: What to Say, How to Say it, and When to Listen” by Dr. Wendy Mogel

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