A Nice Long Weekend

Most weekends are crazy. My husband and I will look at our calendar and feel like whatever season we’re in is over because we have so much going on. We’ve had more forced down time in the last 6 months (or more) due to the round-robin of germs in the house. But in a way it’s good. It gets us to slow down, although we’d be happier with no one being sick.

We’re trying to make more time for us. Plans can get so crazy that we don’t leave time for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, we love our friends and family and the best is when we can combine the two. That’s what we did this weekend.

A 3 day weekend, kicking off summer, what can be better than that? We spent it at the beach, playing in sprinklers in the backyard, barbecuing, being lazy, running errands and getting to see family. It was a great combination weekend and three days feels like a mini vacation even though it’s just an extra day!

Unfortunately this weekend, an old friend passed away.  I am heartbroken for her family, her husband and her two beautiful girls. She fought a hard battle, doing so with strength and a smile on her face. I try my best to appreciate all the little things in life without taking anything for granted. This loss was an extra reminder to do just that.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend with friends and family. Like I’ve said before, don’t forget to stop and smell the Tulips!

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