Stop and Smell the Tulips

Every May, our local park becomes so colorful thanks to beautiful Tulips.

When the kids woke up from naps on Monday, we went to check them out and of course stop by the playground. It had been a long week with ‘Baby J’ being sick, a few rainy days and another cancelled Chicago trip.

‘J’ has really been into Spiderman for the last month or two. He likes the Spiderman merchandise and books but he’s not that into the cartoons. On the way to the park he said he wanted to get a BIG Spiderman comic book. Then he started a conversation with his sister asking which comic book she wanted. He decided she wanted Minnie. We couldn’t resist the cuteness and after the park we headed over to the comic book store where he did indeed find a BIG Spiderman comic book, a Disney Princess comic book for his sister and the store through in some freebies along the way (including another Spiderman comic and Star Wars).

We came home and barbecued dinner. Being outside meant playing soccer, T-ball, chalk and bubbles. Once ‘Baby J’ went to sleep, we decided to make s’mores in our table fire pit. This was ‘J’s’ first time roasting marshmallows and since he can’t do dairy, it was more like a marshmallow sandwich. He loved every second of it. The night ended with his normal bath and movie routine.

All of these things happened in about 3-4 hours. Seems like a week’s worth of activities! We had so much fun and it was a great reminder that sometimes you have to just stop and go with the flow. It’s so easy to get caught up in the normal routine. We finally have some beautiful weather and we need to take advantage.

I highly recommend stopping, taking a deep breath and enjoying all the fun moments with your kids. It’s cliche but they really do change and grow so fast. The normal daily routine won’t make many memories, but days like Monday will.

It’s Spring! Don’t forget to stop and smell the….Tulips!


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