Thankful to be a Mom

When you’re little, you dream of what you want to be when you grow up.

A doctor. A movie star. A singer. An astronaut. A Firefighter.

There were a few things on my list and they have changed throughout the years. The one constant is that I wanted to be a mom.

I had a whole plan of having 3 kids by the time I was 30. Since plans never actually go as…planned….I started at 32 and have two amazing kids today. Although financially stressful, I am fortunate enough to be home with them everyday. Watching them change and grow – mentally, emotionally and physically – has been the biggest joy of my life.

I’m only (a few weeks shy of) 4 years into mommyhood and I have learned so much about love, life and myself. There are a million stressful and tiring moments but I wouldn’t change them for anything. I am thankful everyday, appreciate all the ups and downs and can’t believe I get to experience my dream “job” and do what I feel I was meant to do. How many people get that lucky?

To all the moms out there (and dads) you’re doing an amazing job! If we can work hard to help these little people become kind, considerate, respectful, happy adults – we have succeeded! Keep learning and growing with them. One day when they’re adults with families of their own you’ll wonder with the time went and miss even the craziest of moments. Embrace the changes and don’t forget to cut yourself a break once in awhile.

You got this. You’re rocking it. And we’re in it together! Let’s help these little world changers as they embark on their own crazy journey. I can’t wait to see who they become!

Happy Mother’s Day 💕

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