When the Student Becomes the Teacher

‘J’ has been receiving speech therapy for 1 year and 6 months. Prior to speech therapy, he was a big grunter. Grunts took the place of words. To sit here today and see how far he has come amazes me.

Now that his sister has been starting to talk, he has taken on the role of trying to teach her new words. He says them slowly, points to his mouth and tries to get her to repeat them. It’s beyond adorable. Of course it typically happens when my camera is not easily accessible.

Why I haven’t put GoPros on them by now, I have no idea.

We are so thankful for his speech therapist. We hit the jackpot with someone that ‘J’ took to, feels comfortable with and talks about even when she’s not around. He has learned so much from her, which he is now using in his teaching style with his sister.

He’s still working on perfecting words and his sentence structure, but he gets better everyday. Soon enough we will have not one but two chatterboxes in the house.

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