Supporting a Sensory Lifestyle for People with SPD | Part 3 of 3

Tips for Supporting Someone with SPD

It is important you understand what someone’s over-riding sensory needs is. This will be the sensory system which they are mainly ‘seeking’ or ‘avoiding’ in their day-to- day lives. Once you can recognize this you can be prepared to support them in all settings.

I suggest that parents and professionals are prepared with a ‘sensory sack’. This bag will contain a selection of items that will support a range of sensory needs (don’t forget needs may fluctuate and vary):

  • noise cancelling headphones, either in the ear or over the ear
  • sunglasses
  • cap with a peak
  • something which smells of that person (old tshirt)
  • a soft fidget like a small cushion
  • a rough fidget like a brush
  • a fidget which you fiddle with
  • a weighted beanbag
  • electric toothbrush
  • a massaging cushion

Most children and adults with SPD are already regulating themselves so try and notice how they are doing that and offer other strategies too. You can learn more about understanding these characteristics with our ‘Homelife’ video series on YouTube. Subscribe and share the videos for FREE!

SPD is currently not able to be diagnosed in the UK in it’s own right, it is only recognized with an Autism diagnosis. SPD affects many other people with additional needs too though, so please bear this in mind. 

An Occupational Therapist who is Sensory Integration trained will be able to offer support and advice for anyone who has SPD. If you would like to help your setting become more aware of sensory needs then why not download our ‘What is SPD’ sheet from our website.

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