Squishy Fidgets

We’ve all heard of fidget spinners. It went from being a helpful aid for those with sensory disorders, autism and ADHD, to a hot holiday item that everyone wanted.

I never thought much of it, but in recent months I started to wonder if a fidget would be good for ‘J.’ I wasn’t sure where to start and didn’t feel like a spinner was the right answer for him.

I did some research here and there but never moved forward with the idea. About two weeks ago, ‘J’ started watching TV, reading books, etc. and I noticed his hands would be in his mouth pretty often. This was new and something I was keeping an eye on. I also noticed as he was playing play dough or some other toys he would be testing how it felt on his face. I wasn’t sure if he was requiring more sensory input or if something was bothering him. After talking with him and watching him more, I felt like at times he just needed to do something with his hands. I mentioned it to his Occupational Therapist on Monday and she suggested a fidget. During his session, she gave him a squishy fidget to play with. His hands never went in his mouth and he was excited to play with it. She said img_2017it’s something we could try and told me I could find them on Amazon. Easy enough! Amazon and I have a great relationship.

Right after OT, he has speech. I mentioned it to his speech therapist and she had a smaller fidget with her. She gave it to him to play with and mentioned it might help keep him still. Sometimes he gets…for lack of a better word…fidgety during his session. She also let him know that anytime he wants it, all he has to do is ask.

Now we our very own squishy fidget dinosaur (pictured here as he roars) and a few others to try out. I’m hoping this can be used for calming purposes when needed, gives him the sensory input he sometimes requires and of course for fun!

Click here to purchase the same squishy fidget toy for your family! 

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