My First Sensory Bottle

I’ve had my eye on sensory bottles for awhile now and finally got around to making one!

Sensory Bottles and Calm Down Jars are great ways for kids to learn and refocus their energy. Think back to liquid timers. They were all the rage at one point! This is the same idea. Not only can they be used for helping with speech (Ready, Set Go!), they can also be used to help calm a child that is feeling over excited by just turning the bottle back and forth.

Thanks to Pinterest, there are sooooooo many options. I plan to make more but with a letter obsessed child, I found the perfect place to start.

I followed instructions from The only change I made was going with a plastic bottle (Core Organic Juice) instead of a VOSS bottle, since I was worried that ‘J’ would break it. I also used all the letters in ‘J’s’ name to make it a little more fun for him.

The pictures are from right after it was made which makes the bottle look a little more streaky. ‘J’ loves it and hopefully it can be used as a calming tool for him. I can’t wait to make some others!

Check out The Realistic Mama’s post about Calm Down Jars by clicking here!

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