The Letter of the Day is C!

Chicago. Croup. Cancellations.Cisforcookie

Back in the Fall, we went through a two month sick cycle in the house. Mot households have been through this. Everyone taking turns passing around different illnesses. This also resulted in cancelling various weekend plans. One of those activities was taking a trip to Chicago to see friends we haven’t seen in a long time.

Last week I saw a great deal on flights to Chicago for this weekend and we decided to book a 48 hour trip. We were supposed to leave Saturday morning and we were coming back Monday afternoon.

J’s baby sister’s name also starts with a J so throughout the blog, we can refer to her as ‘Baby J.’ 

Baby J wasn’t sleeping great all week. By Wednesday she started coughing and had a runny nose. I chalked it up to a cold but was watching to make sure it wasn’t getting worse. It wasn’t and on Friday we were packing for our weekend excursion. After they both woke up from naps, I realized Baby J was not acting like herself. She was crying randomly, laying on the floor out of no where, etc. That gut feeling said to take her to the doctor to make sure this was just a cold before getting on a plane in less than 24 hours.

Good thing I did!

It turns out that cough that had kept her up some nights and bothered her during the day was croup. And it’s contagious. I had a feeling it was since that same day J started with congestion.

Needless to say we cancelled our trip to Chicago and have been hunkered down with sick kiddos all weekend. It’s sad to see them feeling so bad. Baby J has also developed a fever since getting back from the doctor and has not been herself. She’s taking extra naps and I’m hoping she’ll feel better tomorrow. If not, the doctor may get another call from me! Especially with all these stories going around regarding the flu.

I’m trying to keep J calm and rest. Which is so easy for a 3 year old boy, right?! Quiet games, activities and some extra shows/movies have been on the agenda all weekend.

Hopefully Monday will kick off the return of my healthy babies!


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