TGIF! Two Step Party Time!

Dance…even if you have no where to do it but in your own Living Room.”

This is a lyric from Baz Lurhman’s Wear Sunscreen – a favorite speech/song of mine.

Do your kids like to dance? Both of mine do! And since they come form Dave Matthews Band Fan Parents, it’s often played in the background. Sometimes the DMB Pandora Station is on as we play LEGOs. Other times we’re using the DMB Lullabies to get them to sleep.

One day in an effort to change things up, I asked ‘J’ if he wanted to have a Two Step Dance Party. He got really excited and said YES!

So now this is an almost daily occurrence in the Living Room of our house. He’s so happy in his run/spin/dance moves and it’s a great way to get out some energy! Also a good workout for me and a way for the baby to practice her moves!

Take the advice from ‘Wear Sunscreen’ and dance-even if it’s in your own Living Room!

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