That Mommy Gut Feeling

I’ll probably be talking a lot about my gut feelings in these blogs. You could even call it my MomSense (see what I did there). I’ve always believed in the ‘trust your gut’ theory, but never moreso than when I became a mom.

Trust your gut in whats best for you when delivering your baby. Trust your gut when youTrust_Your_Gut decide to breastfeed or bottle feed. Trust your gut on when it’s just a cold and when to take to them to the doctor. And trust your gut if you think there is something not so “right” or “typical” when it comes to your child.

My gut guided me to seek out an evaluation for speech and my gut guided me when it came to evaluating ‘J’ for sensory integration.

Not everyone will understand. Some may not even believe it’s a real thing. But no one knows your child better than you. I know what screams and cries are that of a typical 3 year old compared to ones that are indicating he’s in distress and overwhelmed by his surroundings. It’s not something we as parents or others around him did wrong. And there’s nothing wrong with him. If someone triggers him, I know it’s not their fault. All of that drives my mommy gut to know I made and continue to make the right decisions when it comes getting him the right therapy.

As most parents, me and my husband will be the biggest advocate for our kids. I will trust my mommy gut regardless of what others think or any challenges that may arise because of it. They’re worth all of it!

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