OT Approved – Now What?

After an evaluation and a meeting with CPSE (Committee on Preschool Special Education), we were approved for Occupational Therapy twice a week. We start in February.

I felt relieved leaving the meeting. I knew he’d benefit from OT, but I had the thought in the back of my mind: “what if they say no?” Luckily we were all on the same page. Great! Now what?

Now I get 6 pages with names of agencies that provide Occupational Therapy throughout my county. 6 Pages!


No really, this is great that there are so many resources! But where do I start? Since Sensory Integration was our main concern, we discussed during the meeting that it would be beneficial to find an agency with a Sensory Gym. However, I was told that with us being in the middle of the school year, it may be tough to find an agency with availability. After a few suggestions of agencies, researching online and looking up feedback in Facebook groups, I started my quest!

First agency I tried: no availability.

Second agency: left a message.

Third agency: has to get back to me.

Fourth agency: no availability.

Fifth agency: Availability! I’ll take it! Whatever it is! Sign me up! No problem that its 25 minutes away, I don’t care!

Thankfully, a friend brought me down to earth. It’s a little crazy to take my son and 1 year old daughter that far away when there are other options closer. There are two other places that are more conveniently located that I hadn’t tried. One in my town and I had to leave a message. The other is about 15 minutes away and they had availability!

The one in my town called me back and out of everyone I spoke with, I felt the most comfortable with her for one reason: she actually asked about ‘J.’ She didn’t just say “sure here are your options.” The Occupational Therapist I spoke with asked how old he was, if he went to school and how he was doing, what my concerns were, and figured out the best time for him. This conversation definitely put me at ease.

I went through a similar process when looking for a Speech Therapist and feel so lucky with how that turned out. I just hope he enjoys OT and trusts his therapist there, the same way he does with speech.

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