It’s Gonna Be May

tenor (1)

It’s May 1st-I couldn’t resist!

I can’t believe it’s May! May means 1 month and a few days away from ‘J’ turning 4. May means 1 month and 2 weeks until ‘J’ is done with his first year of school. May means finally nice weather and most of our days spent outside. May is feeling like a season of change.

Those who know me know that I am not a fan of change. I know change is necessary, a lot of it is good, but I’m a big fan of nostalgia and also wanting to freeze time. When ‘J’ turned 3, I felt emotional because to me going from 2 to 3 meant saying goodbye to the baby stage. I also knew then that it was much better than 4 which felt like more of a big kid. And now here I am, on the brink of having a 4 year old!

It also feels like the first day of school was just yesterday. It was the first time we were leaving him with anyone aside from a few family members. It was unknown territory and I was used to being with him all day everyday. The thought of having him in school two days a week for a whopping two and a half hours each felt overwhelming to me! Of course I knew he would benefit and grow from the experience. And that definitely happened. He loves his friends and teachers. Loves the routine of school and he’s having fun along the way.

I know he’s going to be so happy to celebrate his birthday. A lot of the family has birthdays in the fall/winter time frame, so he’s been waiting a long time for his. He’s also going to be sad when he’s not in the routine of school over the summer. Luckily I’m already in contact with the parents of his closest friends and I predict many play dates in my future.

Change can be good. ‘J’ is growing and figuring out his world. I’m so lucky to be a part of it and to watch it everyday. But I also can’t believe how fast time goes by and I try to soak it up as best as I can. Oh and it doesn’t matter how far he gets from the baby stage, he will always be my baby boy.



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