Hard Work Pays Off

J is 3 1/2 and the hardest working person I know.

This week was his first real sessions of OT. Last week he met his therapist, we talked and got him comfortable with his new surroundings, but the real work started this past Monday and Wednesday. He did great!

We weren’t sure how he would feel about going back into the gym with just his therapist while I waited in the waiting room. Even as I tried to prep him for it, he said he wanted me with him. That would have been fine as we knew there may need to be an adjustment period. That feeling didn’t last. As soon as he saw his therapist, he was so excited and walked back with her. Luckily, he wanted to do the same the second time around.

On Monday, he was wiped out after his session! He was doing a lot of work on his stomach while on the swing and I think he finally met his match as to what can tire him out. I also noticed when we got home, including after his nap, he seemed a little off. A little cranky. Acting out a bit. The change in routine, a change in people and location and a half hour of sensory input, it would be naive not to expect some personality changes. OT will definitely be a lot more work than speech. He’s going to be challenged in ways he won’t like while on his path in figuring out what will help him in the bigger picture.

If anyone it up for it, it’s him. He works so hard every single day and doesn’t even realize it. He pushes through, gets excited and succeeds. We can all take a lesson from him. Keep your head in the game and hard work will pay off!

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