How Do We Start The Conversation?

Some people in our life, including our closest friends and family, are just learning about J’s Speech Therapy and soon to be Occupational Therapy through this blog.

We weren’t trying to hide anything, weren’t embarrassed, not worried about being judged and we weren’t too overwhelmed to talk about it. It’s hard to put into words why this is news to most, but I’ll try.

J is a healthy, happy boy. He loves cars, puzzles, anything letter related, going to the park, Disney (it’s in his DNA), his family and his friends. I don’t feel anything is “wrong” with him. Thankfully, he’s not sick. He just has to work a little harder at things than some other kids do. And also not as hard as some other kids do.

So this raises the question-how do we go about starting the conversation? To make a big announcement may seem like it’s a bigger deal than it is, in the sense that something is “wrong.” By not saying anything, it may seem like we are holding back or that more is going on.

I don’t have an answer and would love to hear from other parents! There’s no shame or embarrassment in kids needing some extra help along the way and it’s important to talk about.

Feel free to comment below, Follow me on Twitter or if you know me in real life-reach out personally! I would love to hear from all of you!

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