Guess Who?

It’s Me!

Oh wait, that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the game.

Guess Who? was a favorite of mine when I was younger and I made a special note to Santa that ‘J’ might love it as well.

In ‘J’s’ school, they assign a child as the Leader of the Day. When they do this, the teacher gives out clues to see if the children can guess who the leader will be. Hearing ‘J’ talk about this sparked the idea that he may love this game. And it’s been an enormous hit! He’s obsessed!


Although he had a speech delay and has come so far from that point, there are definitely still parts of speech he’s working on. This includes pronunciation, sentence formation and articulation. I’ve found this game to be an excellent tool to help in this process.

We have to take turns asking questions. Since he normally wants to play about 10 rounds at a time, my husband and I can use this time to help him formulate those questions, use proper pronouns and improve on his adjectives.

Clearly he hasn’t caught on that we’re using it as a learning tool as well as a game or else he may have tossed it to the side by now! Hopefully he never does. I love how much he loves playing the game with us.

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