2 for the 2nd Time

I have a two year old….again.


‘Baby J,’ as she’s known in these posts turned 2 today. I can’t believe it. Of course when you have a baby everyone says not to blink because it all goes by so fast. And it’s 100% true. It’s all going way too fast and my anxiety shoots through the roof thinking about it.

It’s been amazing to watch them both grow and change. I’ve loved watching the sibling dynamic form, especially in this last year while ‘Baby J’ has learned to walk and talk. Once those switches went on, there was no stopping her. She’s so smart and sometimes I question how she’s only now turning 2. She’s cute and she knows it. She loves hugging all three of us, cracks us up and knows how to push ‘J’s’ buttons. Within seconds they can go from making each other cry, to hugging each other and saying “I love you.”

‘Baby J’ completed our family in an amazing way. I learn something new about her everyday as she learns something new about the world. Hearing ‘J’ tell her that she’s his best friend makes my heart melt.

I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have the family I do. They are my world.  Every minute of everyday isn’t perfect but it’s perfect for me. The ups and downs, stressful times, and ongoing exhaustion are worth everything.

I hope my baby girl had a great birthday and I’m so thankful to be her mom!

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