It’s Too Loud!

A big trigger for ‘J’ are sounds. He absolutely hates when our dog (or my parents’ dog) does her alert bark. If someone rings the doorbell, of course our dog is going to respond and let us know. Although she feels like she is protecting us, ‘J’ sees it as something that is being done … More It’s Too Loud!

Mood Swings

Everyone has mood swings. Personally, if I don’t get enough sleep at night, I’m dragging during the day. I may not have as much patience, not get as much done or may just be out of it. If I haven’t eaten in awhile, I may be cranky or lightheaded. Some days things seem off and … More Mood Swings

Is This a Real Thing?

I’ve mentioned before that one of the reasons I started this was because of the other blogs and articles I had read that helped me. Maybe my story might help another parent going through a similar experience! Facebook groups have also helped. A community of parents asking questions, telling stories and sharing their experiences. There … More Is This a Real Thing?

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

A question I get asked a lot! Not an easy one to answer since it’s different for everyone. The STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder is a great resource. Here is their umbrella definition: “Sensory processing (originally called “sensory integration dysfunction” or SID) refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses … More What is Sensory Processing Disorder?